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The Chef Knife For A Chef

Posted on September 4, 2014 in Cooking by

It’s the wish of every chef to have a sharp and efficient knife that is also durable. As a good chef knife with such qualities will go a long way to ensure smooth functioning of the various procedures in the kitchen. Some of the best knives in the market that are quite popular with chefs are the Japanese and German brands. This are the most established brands and have a loyal following due to their efficiency.

chef knifeBeing the most important tool for every chef, the chef must choose a knife that fits his personal cooking style and preferences. A good knife should have a thick, durable and strong stainless steel and also its handle should be slip-resistant to ensure a strong grip hence increased performance. While some may go for the cheapest brands, that is not advisable as the higher the price the nearness to perfection in cooking. The benefit of a chef knife with a hard blade is its ability to retain the sharper edges for a longer duration hence the chef is sure of a long-time companion in the kitchen. In contrast the ones with softer blades have to sharpen regularly hence their quality deteriorates gradually.

The Japanese-made knives are more accustomed in preparing the Japanese cuisine where detailed accuracy is needed while slicing the fish, vegetables and even meat thus their increased thickness and sharpness. And they also need a lot of practice to handle and use comfortably. While the Western-style knives are softer and not heavy, hence their sharp edges need to be sharpened and maintained more often so as to retain the proper sharpness. The brands come in different length from 6-inch, 8-inch and the 10-inch. So, go ahead and choose the knife that correctly suits your cooking style. And everyone will wonder at how you prepare your dishes.